Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow & Green Beans

Did mama ever tell you that I'm a rescue dog? I'm afraid of new things including new food. I still can't figure out how to eat a carrot. I know, I know... Le sigh. But I figured out green beans. They're super nice and crunchy. And REALLY good!
See, I've been told that I have a soft mouth so I take stuff from people real gentle. See, mama can hold that green bean and I just barely have my mouth on it. I'm going to dare her to give me a raw egg next week in my mouth.

But she probably won't want to clean it up. So I win.
And it also snowed. And I eat snow.

Don't eat the colored snow, it tastes funny.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Embarrassing Example 1 - Rusty's right jowl.

Yes, there's drool. Lots of drool.

I've Been Banned...

From the kitchen. See, I'm Rusty and I'm the MONSTER according to my mama. Did you know that I'm not really a good helper in the kitchen? I'd rather just eat the food. So I've been banned from the kitchen when mama cooks.
But, see, Nigel here, hasn't been banned from the kitchen yet. He lays in the corner and I don't know how he does it. There's way too many good smells. I can't stand laying down in the kitchen. Me and the pot rack don't get along. Neither do I and the garbage... Oops...
See, here's mama's evidence (my dad's a lawyer and somehow I've learned some legal words and mumbo jumbo). I stand in the middle so I can see and smell everything. That also means that mama has to walk AROUND me and generally every time she does something falls on the floor for me to eat.
So, I'm no longer admitted to the kitchen. And it makes me kinda sad because I really liked eating turkey and lettuce. So here's my last picture of me in the kitchen when mama is cooking. It's um, well, sad for me. But I think my waistline will like it. I think. My taste buds and tongue do not like it.
Oh, well. At least mama took pictures of this non-joyous occasion. Whatevs. At least Nigel can steal food for me. And we're besties. We sleep next to each other too. See, we're really good at playing and sitting next to each other.

Happy weekend!