Saturday, November 28, 2009


Meet Nigel. Rusty's new foster brother! He was rescued just hours before he was to be euthanized at a local animal control.
Nigel is such a goonie! He's handsome and he knows it. He has so many expressions and it seems like his tongue is always hanging out!
Nigel loves to chew on bones and bully sticks, of course, like any Lab/Golden loves to do!
He loves playing with Rusty (Mr. Instigator, himself) and they play tug, run around the yard and then lay next to each other in the dog bed.
And of course, Nigel is very curious. He loves the camera and he loves anything new! Nigel would be the PERFECT family dog. He loves other dogs, loves to cuddle (and doesn't jump up on the couch like Rusty does!), loves going for walks and is just fantastic!

If you're interested in Nigel, get more information HERE!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Lettuce, Rusty. Just Lettuce.

Rusty sure does love when I make BLT's. He gets the smell of bacon but the taste of lettuce.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

There's Bacon on the Counter.

Hey, Mama... did you know there's bacon on the counter? I can smell it. Is it for me? I like bacon!
See? I'm Rusty. Rusty needs bacon. Rusty really, really needs bacon. Didn't you know that, Mama? I can smell the bacon from the basement.
It's right there. My mouth is right here. Put it in my mouth. Mama. I like me bacon.
So you're sayin' that I'm unable to have bacon? Well, that's no fun... I still want bacon!

Have a happy weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Previous Rusty Owners:

Last year on October 24, 2008, guess what Bimmer & I did - we adopted Rusty! I picked off over 40 fleas, fed him cheese, rice, dog food and turkey and cuddled with him on the floor because I didn't want fleas on my couch. So, as a tribute to all the adopted dogs out there, here's a poem that occasionally runs through my email inbox:

I Adopted Your Dog Today

I adopted your dog today
The one you left at the pound
The one you had for seven years
and no longer wanted around.

I adopted your dog today
Do you know he's lost weight?
Do you know he's scared and depressed
and has lost all faith?

I adopted your dog today
He had fleas and a cold
But don't worry none
You've unburdened your load.

I adopted your dog today
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies?
Or another reason he couldn't stay?

I adopted your dog today
He doesn't play or eat much
He's very depressed
But he will learn again to trust

I adopted your dog today
And here he will stay
He's found his forever home
And a warm bed on which to lay.

I adopted your dog today
And I will give him all that he could need -

Patience, love, security and understanding.
Hopefully he will forget your selfish deed.

- Author Unknown

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween (Written by Rusty)

So, Momma told me that I was going to dress up for Halloween and I reallyz did not want too.. I mean seriously, a dog in a costume? Look at my sad face. This was just minutes after I saw what she bought for me.

Look. There's Dad. He's supposed to be Clark Kent. But he's not wearing a suit or glasses. Yet. And he made me wear the hat. I don't like them that much, but I do tolerate them.
And Dad thinks I look funny. He's laughing.
And I told him, I'm a fire chief, Dad! I don't put out fires very well because I'd rather be swimming in the water puddles! Duh! I'm a Golden!

Oh yeah, and Momma didn't let me eat candy either. I got a bully stick in stead. Which was still really good.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Interested In Helping Rescue Dogs But Can't Foster?

Try doing a transport instead.

There's hundreds of people every weekend that drive animals across the country to a new rescue, new foster home, adopter or back to a rescue. You are literally saving a life. Which is fantastic because it's your time that you're donating and you get to meet the animals that you're saving. It's a win-win situation!

So, for those of you that are still interested in transports, check out this website. Kelly lists transports, the legs needed and where they are along with the number of dogs that need to be driven.

If you can't donate your home, this is a fantastic option if you'd like to be involved.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rescue Diego!

Here's Rusty and his new foster brother Diego. They're goons.
But Diego is just so cute! He has those eyes that say... Adopt ME!
He sits pretty, knows how to lay down, knows off and is learning leave it. Diego is housetrained and sleeps in a crate (he's also crated when we're not home).
He lurves playing with Rusty, running around the yard and actually fetching a ball. Seriously, he fetches... (I bet you could teach him how to fetch the newspaper!) Diego is very smart and would do fantastic in obedience classes.

If you or anyone that you know would be interested in Diego, please click here!