Friday, June 12, 2009

Even Rusty Gets A Treat!

Rusty helped celebrate my birthday last weekend with the help of some fabulous friends.
He loves his dog treats and pretty much knows to keep the crumbs contained in his dog bed.
Don't his treats look like people treats too?
Our friend Kristin stopped at a doggy bakery (Rusty can't have ice cream cake, right?).
And he definitely enjoyed the goodies!
Oh... totally messy doggie...
At least he eats the crumbs too!
Nom... Nom... Nom...

I hope Rusty has a sense of humor. We were laughing the whole time watching him eat his treats!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Airline For Pets Only

PetAirways starts flights in July at a low low cost of $149. I can see flights booking fast, especially for people with larger dogs that don't want their pets to fly cargo. The airline is for PETS ONLY, no human passengers aboard so you're unable to fly with your pet. They do have kennels for dropping off and landing at the airport. Worry free pet travel! How cool is that?

If only they flew to Minneapolis! I'm sure Matt and Maia at Pet Project Rescue would be happy about that. Also - check out their new dogs for adoption.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get Your Own Towel

Rusty knows "On Your Bed" so well that he does it automatically.
If you put a blanket, towel or any other square/rectangular/soft object he'll go to it and lay down automatically.
Yes, he does.

And he did. He chose to jump out of the kiddie pool and onto MY towel. Yes, MY TOWEL.

Thanks, Rusty. We didn't have any other clean beach towels.

Oh, and the orange thing is a Kong Wubba - it floats so we toss it into the pool for Rusty to chase around.

Mama... I Gotz Me A Bully Stick

Entertainment for $7.99. Bully sticks. A dog mama's life saver.

USDA Animal Inspection Reports

Would you like to see inspection reports from the USDA for breeders? Here's the link if you're interested. Another good link from the USDA is the Animal Welfare Regulations. They take time to read, so if you're bored or can't sleep, they might help!

Some of them are sad - not enough room for puppies, feces in cages, not good enough vet care, etc... And others comply perfectly. It just amazes me.

Unfortunately mills and bybs aren't always licensed and don't always comply with inspectors. And are not inspected. For more information about puppy mills, please visit Prisoners of Greed.

And another thing that mills do - Kennel Auctions.
Just a short video from the Humane Society.

PetSmart Friends & Family Discount

15% off - click here!!

Happy Monday!