Friday, January 29, 2010

Six Words

Patricia McConnell's Lassie passed away so I'm continuing on with the six words. In 2008 we lost our Jerry, who was the most awesomest dog ever. And then he was sick with cancer and then that was it.

Dogs are best buddies and great friends. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you so happy when they learn something new.

So for Jerry:

Shoes. Nylabones. BimmerMan. Water and walks.

For Rusty:

Cheese. Lettuce. Bacon. Swimming and running.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Momma Got a Scary New Piece of Furniture

Look. It's as tall as me. It's about the same color and it has four legs. This thing is scary.
I can't really go near it. It's just way too scary. I don't like new things and Momma got something new. Doesn't she know that I don't do well with new things? Isn't there a rule that says that she has to consult with me before anything new comes into the house?
I mean, maybe I'll sniff it. And bark at it. It doesn't bark back so that's good. I don't think it'll bite me, but you never know.
Nope, definitely doesn't bark back. Not at all, this one is silent. Actually, the teapot is not silent. I barked at it and then it started squealing and steaming. Did she tell you that story? I don't like the teapot at all.
Nope, not my favorite but I guess I'll deal with it.
Nigel thought it would come with a friend to play with. Nigel likes anything with four legs. Did Momma tell you that? Nigel gets along with everyone and dogs too. And weird things like this that don't bark or smell.

Have a good weekend. Mine will be in avoidance of this new fangled contraption in the dining room.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ever Heard of HelpSaveOne.Org?

I still can't believe that shelters gas dogs to death. Isn't that ridiculous?

At, you'll also find a list of urgent dogs. These dogs are literally on the last day of their life. Websites like these help get the word out to rescues and volunteers to pull dogs from shelters and save their life.

Our current foster dog was less than 12 hours away from being put to sleep. Can you believe it?

This is why adopting and fostering is so important. There are MILLIONS of animals that are put to sleep each year, whether it be from gassing chambers or needles or even other means of euthanasia.

I urge y'all to keep up with websites like these and be inspired to donate, foster or just compliment everyone on their cause.

Ok, I'll stop going all PETA on you... (But also look at Dogs in Danger, this website gives the amount of days a dog has left...)

I Like Snow

And I like to eat it. And play in it. And let me tell you, I like to run in it.

Snow is my new favorite thing, especially coming from Indiana where I didn't get this much snow to play in.

I also like to eat the snow that gets trapped in my webbed paws. Sometimes I ask to go outside just so I can eat the snow from my paws.

And I'm Rusty. And I'm a snow addict.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rusty has a boo boo

Whoops, out of focus. Can you see my bright pink lip? Yeah, momma's not really sure how I got it. I on the other hand am NOT telling.
Yeah, I got my blood on her Gopher sweat pants and she wasn't very happy with me. At all. So I took a trip to the vet.
The vet said that I was being a goon and cut it somehow. Probably on a stick in the backyard. So now Momma has to put this cream on my lip and it kinda sucks. Oh, well. I get peanut butter for sitting nicely.

So, moral of the story is this: don't chew on any sticks in the middle of winter.